Chisuji – Chapter 6 – Page 06
February 16th, 2018

Chisuji – Chapter 6 – Page 06

Greetings all!

As you may have noticed, I took an extended break from posting content. This was due to a large number of factors, where my health situation worsened, I went though some severe bouts of depression and I also started to work on some 3D art which I found I could make at a level acceptable to me. That said, I am back at this, and want to continue this project as well, but I need to make several quantifiers here.

As is apparent to any of our long term readers that still remain, what is being posted here is actually old archives of content we have produced in the past, albeit spaced out to provide a bit of padding / updates for those who haven’t seen this story before. The main reason for this is myself and Leo Saunders are developing a process and a schedule that can hopefully work about our other day to day obligations with Jobs and such, where not only can we continue this story, but we can go back and revamp some of the older content to make it more inline with the overall vision and feel for the Chisuji comic. This has been a slow process and I apologize for it, but I hope by the time I reach the end of the old archives, or even before, we will have new content in place to continue on with and can perhaps increase the numbers and frequency of our updates.

Also here, I want to pay homage to all the people that have contributed to this work. While I developed the story and script for this comic, many artists contributed to making it a reality. As you all might note, the pages posted contain a variety of art styles and different techniques used for coloring, lettering, inking and so on. Each page was used as an experiment to develop our respective talents and to continue the work forward as best we could….and to all those that worked on this I give my most humble thanks! to list each here:

Leo Saunders – one of my best friends and the main artist / character art designer of the series.

Joseph Silver – The initial inker on the comic who brought a level of professionalism to the work that is unparalleled.

Ron Chiu – The initial colorist who worked on the comic and provided us with half tones that made the work pop out.

Antonio Galvan – Colorist who took over after Ron Chiu and who developed his skills even as he worked on the project.

Marcus Shanks aka ‘Liquidmark’- Colorist, Letterer and all around photoshop expert who added ‘pop’ to a lot of our work.

Ronzo Murphy – Artist who helped carry the comic through the AP Production when Leo had to step down due to scheduling conflicts.

L’Vaughn Mason – Artist who did a short run on the comic and added his own unique style to it.

Jason ‘Crybringer’ Robinson – artist of ‘Demon Mages’ fame, who did much of the later work and helped greatly with the Angry Viking Press production.

Jason Canty – Publisher and CEO of Angry Viking Press, who has helped on more than one occasion with print deadlines and resources.

There are many others that have contributed in advice, work, and support overall….and I want to say, I appreciate every last one of you.

Thanks all for listening to my ramble…and note that we now have a Patreon page that I am developing to help fund our comic. Please support us if you can, once I have it up and running!

-Eirik Blackwolf

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