Chisuji – Chapter 1 – Page 01
January 1st, 2016

Chisuji – Chapter 1 – Page 01

Evening all!

If any of you are following this comic, please forgive us for our long hiatus.  After dealing with many issues with our lives and trying to get back into the creative swing of things, we have decided to do the following:

We will be re-releasing the original Chisuji story line as this webcomic from when we first started….and solicit input from our readers both old and new as the pages are updated whether or not that particular page should be redrawn for the completed archived graphic novel.  While that is going on, Leo Saunders will be working on completing art for the final three chapters that would close out the first story arc of Chisuji, in line with the comments and suggestions he will get here concerning the former pages as well.

While the  original storyline is being completed, I will work on the future story arcs for the series as well as complete the novelization story based on the brief reboot which was begun when the original series went into hiatus.  Information on that book and solicitation of opinions as to which direction the story will take, will be asked on these pages as well.   Along with that, we will be attempting to do special art and commissions based on fan requests which we will post as additional content on this page as well as perhaps a sequential humorous ‘Behind the Scenes’ comic strip based on the cast and creators of this series.

With any luck, this project will turn into something we can all enjoy to fruition..wish us luck!

-Eirik Blackwolf

P.S.:  As part of the relaunch, the 1st original Chapter is updated to these pages already, in celebration of our Guest appearance at Katsucon 2016!  Past the 1st Chapter, I will be updating the comic every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, discounting any special art / posts that are made in-between.


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