Brawyn Flannrua

brawyn02Brawyn Flannrua is a woman without known roots, a wanderer who travels from place to place. She has a bit of a reputation in the occult field as an investigator, one who does not work with others and is a bit ‘out there’ in her methods.

She has been around for quite a while now, but no one knows for sure exactly how old she really is. She is fairly astute, having reputedly lived for a long time with many connections and skills. It is a wide held theory of those that know of her that the Change caused a paranormal ability to activate within Brawyn, reversing and halting the aging process. There are those that have a more personal knowledge of her abilities and origins; however they do not as a rule speak of her business to others.

She seems to be driven to investigate and to combat so called occult and now paranormal menaces, sometimes with a blatant disregard for ‘traditional’ occult investigation procedures. She can be hot headed and rash, almost suicidal in her actions (at least to outside observers), and is known to keep her actual emotions hidden behind a cold façade of indifference. Driven by her past and some darker factors, she is moody and nominally silent, only displaying emotion when agitated or upset.

Physically, she is about 5′4″, 115 pounds, fair skin, green eyes and bright red hair. She is fairly attractive, almost a classical beauty, with delicate features that hide her more than human abilities well. From appearance, she is perhaps 16 years of age, only her eyes belying her youthful features. On her wrist is a strange Celtic knot work tattoo, in interwoven cold blue lines, something she can be observed fingering, almost as if it pains her in some way.

She tends to wear black leather pants, black turtleneck shirts, black leather boots, and a long black overcoat. The coat normally conceals the weapons she carries, typically a Glock 30 pistol and two old style daggers, one in a boot sheath, the other in a belt sheath behind her back.