Rodney Davidson

rod02An American college student, Rod has just turned 18, (born June 5, 1992) and is visiting the land that spawned the anime / manga genre he is an avid fan of at the invitation of his Japanese maternal grandfather. The date is August 18, 2010 and the native of Arlington, Virginia is traveling abroad in the summer just before his first year of college.

Rod has just graduated from high school. His interests are anime, computers, comics and science fiction novels. His family is fairly well off, so while he has had the occasional ‘burger flipping’ job for extra cash, he has no real job experience or skills beyond that of a typical introverted American teen.

Rod is lanky, about 140 lbs and 5′8″ with medium length brown hair, long bangs, and blue eyes. He is of average appearance, but is not uncomely, merely ungroomed. He prefers to wear sweatsuits and sneakers, being casual in dress and mannerisms.

One thing to note is that he is relatively inexperienced with females and has never been romantically involved with a girl. His parents paid for this trip as a graduation present at the request of his grandfather.