Naomi Hasegawa

naomifox01Unless in her human form, Naomi appears to be a humanoid fox, with perky facial features, bright red hair hanging down in her face, about shoulder length, emerald green eyes, a rather large bushy fox tail. She stands about 5′5″, maybe 110 pounds, rather well built but not over endowed, graceful motions showing her training in some sort of martial arts. She typically wears a pair of comfortable faded jeans, an orange T shirt with the blue swirl of the Frankfurt Galaxy football team.

She can ‘revert’ to human form, which she does at times to ‘blend’ into the normal populace. When she does this, she appears as a human female having the same general features as her kitsune form. Her favorite piece of apparel is a Leather flight jacket, with various patches here and there, the Bundesrepublik Deutschland flag on the right shoulder, one on the left shoulder saying Bundesgreschutz Gruppe Zeta, and on her right breast a name tag reading ‘Naomi Hasegawa, TCS’.

A former member of the Bundeswehr (German Army), and purportedly a paranormal, she has been recalled to duty by the United Nations and assigned as an observer / advisor to the JDF Paranormal Response team.


Raised in Germany by relatives of her Japanese mother Naomi Hasegawa can claim citizenship in all three nations, as her father was an American service member station in Germany when she was born. Both her parents were killed in an accident when Naomi was quite young; making her a ward of her Grandmother who left her in the care of ‘family’ that had a boarding school in Germany. Naomi quickly discovered she was different somehow than all her other relatives and somewhat ostracized from them, which has caused an almost subconscious desire to win their approval in what she does.

Naomi quickly found an affinity for and love of firearms and military hardware, studying with the German Military and enlisting as soon as she was allowed to do so. This led to her being promoted through the ranks, rising to the appointment of United Nations Advisor in her early twenties.

Naomi was assigned to Tokyo supposedly in order to coordinate UN efforts in tracking and capturing the source of the Tokyo dimensional disturbances, however she is in fact a descendent of Jotans, a member of a clan that calls themselves ‘kitsune’. In truth she has been assigned here by the kitsune to investigate and control the potential threat the gates may be to their clan and even perhaps harness them for kitsune use.

It is important to note that being a kitsune, Naomi can use her abilities to change her shape at will, appearing to be other than what she is. Her additional tails (her kitsune ranking, shows 7 tails) do not manifest unless she is actively displaying them, or using her kitsune powers.

Being a rather young member of her clan, and considering she was groomed from birth to infiltrate the human military / government organizations, Naomi does not use ‘magik’ as much at the typical kitsune. Instead, Naomi has the attitude of a military hardware nut, studying, collecting and training in the use of a multitude of military vehicles and weaponry. She is very avid in this pursuit and can sometimes be overcome with the desire to test a new ‘toy’ every now and then. She has lived among humans until the Change revealed her true form, which she has explained away as a paranormal alteration of her body.